Authentic Romania proposes to you the most dynamic and vivid round tours through Romania, following courses from the magnificent Carpathian Mountains to the beautiful and peaceful Black Sea, and from marvelous fortified cities to the most authentic and well-preserved villages.

The places we visit are also the most attractive sights Romania has to offer: strong fortified citadels of Transylvania, saxon villages and towns, amazing painted monasteries in Bucovina, wooden houses and churches in Maramures, breathtaking Danube Delta and relaxing sea side in Dobrogea! Everything we see during a round trip is guaranteed to impress any tourist and to build a special beautiful memory about the Authentic Romania!

We offer 7 to 9 days round trips, with comfortable busses, using 3 and 4 stars accommodation varying from smooth central cities hotels to warm welcoming  guest houses in the most hospitable locations.

The meals we offer are made only of fresh, local ingredients. Cheese, milk  and cream are brought from a local milk factory in the area. Eggs and flesh are mostly used from the household, and the vegetables come from the small garden next to the guesthouses. The foods prepared in this houses are always made by locals using traditional well-kept recipts, served together with a high-quality local wine.

Apart of the offers presented here, our agency is always prepared to receive new trips requests from our clients, and always ready to compose new personalized offers according to our client’s requests.


Check out some photos from our past tours HERE!

Authentic Romania wishes to present to you some absolutely superb locations in the Carpathian Garden, an unspoiled land, where wild nature coexists harmonically with human lives, and where traditions have been kept alive for hundreds of years.

We promote the most beautiful restored saxon houses, preserving the local style, often using restored local furniture, built and decorated by the local traditions, but in the same time, offering the same facilities as a modern accommodation unit.

During their stay at this remarkable locations, the tourists can take the time to discover the live and peace of the Transylvanian village, they can visit the famous fortified churches and citadels lying all around them, they can enjoy the local culture.

There are numerous possibilities of fun activities: cart rides, hiking, shepherding, traditional bread making, trip to the Coal Makers, truffle hunt, hay stacking and many other great activities meant to cheer tourists up.

Our offers in Transylvania manage to satisfy even the highest comfort standards, offering in the same time an unique experience in the most authentic locations, engaging tourists in fascinating local activities that guarantee the magic of traveling back in time!

In the same way, our agency offers for the short or long stays in the country accommodation in the best hotels, fulfilling the highest standards, in the central parts of the most beautiful cities in Romania: Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Sighisoara, or Bucharest. Hotels from 3 to 5 stars ensure the best conditions for accommodation and food serving, many of them also offering swimng pools, sauna, fitness and gym and many others.