Is there really a Dracula Castle? A lot of you heard of the bloody vampire Dracula living in a legendary country called Transylvania. But is there really such a place? And was there really such a vampire? There surely is some true to this story and we are about to unravel the mystery … Who was Dracula the vampire? The

The Ice Hotel at Balea Lac, a unique tourist attraction in Romania In the county of Sibiu, somewhere in the Mountains, at over 2000 meters altitude, there is a beautiful glacier lake called Balea. This sight attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. In the summer, visitors come to Balea Lac when crossing the

Christmas Markets in Romania Did you know that in Romania has some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe? 🙂 I love the Christmas mood: bells ringing, sweet cinnamon-flavored gingerbread and boiled wine for frozen fingers. This is what Christmas markets mean for me. Oh, and of course Presents! 😀 As you probably already know, I love to travel

Bucharest Old Town: A day in the city! What would you do if you had a full day just for yourself to walk through Bucharest Old Town? What route would you choose? Probably one long enough as a distance, including a number of parks in several areas of the capital. Would you pick more or less tourist attractions? but to

Biking in Transylvania – Viscri, Buneşti, Meşendorf The first part of the Transylvania Bike Trails Network (TBTN) is managed by the ADEPT Foundation. It  has been recently inaugurated allowing amazing experiences during a Biking in Transylvania tour. The villages of Viscri, Buneşti and Meşendorf, plus Cristan, are the first to be joined by a series of routes that currently amount