Christmas Markets in Romania

Christmas Markets in Romania

Did you know that in Romania has some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe? πŸ™‚
I love the Christmas mood: bells ringing, sweet cinnamon-flavored gingerbread and boiled wine for frozen fingers. This is what Christmas markets mean for me. Oh, and of course Presents! πŸ˜€

As you probably already know, I love to travel and you surely do too, not for nothing, you have come to our corner with joy.

For the Winter Holidays there are a lot of beautiful Christmas Markets in Romania mainly in the big cities: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Brasov, Sibiu, Targu Neamt, Iasi and so on… But I decided to talk about my favorite Christmas Market of all: the one in Sibiu city in Transylvania!

Christmas Market Romania


Sibiu Christmas Market

I am in the Great Square in Sibiu, at the heart of the Christmas Market. Dozens of wooden houses surround you with mulled wine with cinnamon, baked chestnuts, sweet gingerbread, baked apples with honey and traditional dishes. So many people are coming to these culinary delights, buying personalized gifts, taking pictures of Santa Claus.

The historical center of Sibiu becomes the top attraction during the winter holidays. In the heart of heritage buildings there is a fair that attracts many tourists every year. This is the Christmas Market in the Large Square, which runs from mid-November to early January. The Christmas Decorations can always bring the charm of the winter holidays to the Great Square in Sibiu.

Take a stroll through the historical city center and admire the beauty of the historical buildings, visit the lively markets and elegant garlands. Stroll along Cetatii Street, the most beautiful street in Sibiu, open the doors of the restaurants and cozy cafes with themed menus and cultural evenings. Have a mulled wine with cinnamon and sip it through the 90 wooden stands in Piata Mare. You can even talk to Santa Claus and do not leave without having a picture in this enchanting landscape! This is one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Romania.

For a glass of mulled wine

If you want to get a full taste of this Christmas Market we invite you to take a look at the wooden cottages with hot drinks and goodies. I am literally drooling when I see the generous offer of culinary temptations: sweet ginger, baked Transylvanian peppers, chestnuts and ripe apples, boiled corn, cozonac, coconut with walnuts, vanilla and cinnamon, chocolate with strawberries, peanuts and nuts , sweet jams and honey jars, various sorts of pickles and pickles, homemade bread. All these goodies that our moms used to make at home await you to savor them at the Sibiu Christmas Fair.


How much does it cost?

Let’s talk a little about prices. Some products are overly expensive, others are affordable. But as I like to say “Christmas is only one a year” so now you can satisfy all your desires. For example, a sweet ginger costs between 8 and 12 lei, but there are also gingerbread figures (busty, heart, fish, cottage, star), much cheaper – 2 or 3 lei. Chocolate with strawberries, walnuts and nutmeg costs 6 lei, and the Dobos cake is at the same price. The mulled wine ranges between 5 and 10 lei, and chestnuts – 7 lei. The Szekler cake reaches 6 lei, but there is even more than 12 lei with vanilla, walnut and cinnamon. A jam jar is 10 lei and a pickle jar – 15 lei. Those prices are general not only here but in most Christmas Markets in Romania.

What gifts do we buy?

Let’s continue and see what we can buy for our loved ones. There are a lot of wooden houses that sell a lot of souvenirs, clothes ( gloves, scarves, stockings), jewelery, traditional costumes (men, men’s shirts, girdles), backpacks, globes and personalized pillows. There are alos plush toys and wooden, ceramic, fridge magnets, decorations for Christmas tree. For a personalized globe the costs are between 15 and 25 lei. A magnet costs 5 lei, a bell – 19 lei, a pair of earrings – 10 lei, a pair of socks – 20 lei, and wooden decorations reach 30 – 35 lei.

Christmas Tree in the Great Market

The Christmas Market in the Large Square is surrounded by many families with children.Β  Decorated quite simply, with silver globes and adorned with bright rows, the Christmas Tree stands in front of the Roman Catholic Church “St. Trinity”. The tree has a height of 20 meters and it was brought from PΔƒltiniş. The building behind the Christmas Tree presents a picture of snow-covered forests. It is typical for all Christmas Markets in Romania to have a nice Christmas Tree.


The scene of the Savior’s birth

Near the Christmas Tree you will find a scene of the Nativity, representing the baby Jesus in the manger, along with his mother Maria and Joseph, in a barn for farm animals. In this scene there are no shepherds, magicians and angels. This well-known scene, repeated year after year at the Christmas fairs, presents the miracle of the birth of the Lord, on the most beautiful evening of the year.

Talk to Santa Claus

Ho-ho-ho! Santa Claus invites children to tell stories. And not just anyway but whispered at Santa’s year sitting in his magic sled. It’s a fairy tale setting where Santa Claus is, and those who want to take a photo there get the picture on the spot. At the Christmas Market in the Great Square there is a workshop and a park dedicated to Santa.

It truly is a charming experience to walk through this vast Christmas Market and enjoy the Christmas Spirit. You will surely find a great gift as well! And don’t forget to enjoy a glass of mulled wine πŸ˜‰

The Sibiu Christmas Fair will be open to visitors until January 3


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